Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sprucing Her Up - Part 1

As you know, our dear Gertrude is 16 yrs old. Her clearcoat is almost gone all over and the vinyl decals are showing their age. So the hubby and I have decided to clean her up quite a bit. We looked in to having it painted professionally, this would cost us several thousand dollars and we would have to vacate for a time. Considering this is our home, that is not really a possibility (and we aren't keen on spending so much either).

Over the years I have dabbled in painting and various crafts. I helped design and paint/draw out my son's treasure map themed parking space.

So for my wedding anniversary this year, I am getting paint and a complete airbrush setup. We are taking this thing on ourselves! We are not planning on doing this all at once. We don't have a garage in which we can contain our MH and do the work on that grand a scale. So we're going to do sections at a time. I will be making my own stencils of the logos and starting there.

Here is a picture of one of the logos. It is dried from age and starting to crack. It isn't peeling too badly, but definitely showing signs of age.

I put velum over this and traced it out so I could make a stencil. Then I got some adhesive paper-type stuff and transferred the tracing onto there backwards (because of where the sticky is located). Here is an image of the stencil before I cut it out.

The next step is removing the old decal and cleaning/sanding the surface to prepare it. I removed the decal, but still have a lot of cleaning to do to remove the remaining adhesive. Here is a pic of that so far.

My airbrush setup is slated to come in this Friday. Looking forward to getting it and playing around with it. 

To be continued...