Thursday, February 5, 2015

T-minus...just a few months

WOW! It truly is hard to believe that we will be moving into Gertrude in a short matter of months!! Less than SIX! AUGHH!!!!! There is still SO much stuff in my sticks and bricks house that I admit it is causing a fair amount of anxiety.

We are thinking about finding my daughter a one bedroom apartment in the area to move into just before graduation. There is a short list of probable folks who could be her roommate if their plans change, but she's kind of looking forward to having a place of her own. Of course, we need to nail down the location before we can figure out which furniture she's going to be able to take with her. She is working now, which is a great relief! She got a job as a receptionist and is really enjoying it so far. =) Yay!!

Gertrude is coming together nicely. She has 4 new tires now and all of her jacks work!! Yippee!!! So the next large trip is the annual Mother's Day weekend camping trip, and this year we'll be able to have the jacks down and be all leveled. No more swaying and fear that I'm going to tip her over. LOL! The stairs seem to be bipolar. Sometimes they work wonderfully, other times...not so much. Ugh!

My entertainment whilst living in a motorhome has taken a step in a positive direction! For my birthday, my husband got me a 4TB external hard drive. I have since been making backup copies of all of our movies/tv show DVDs so that our daughter can take the discs and we can have the digital copies in the RV. This will be a wonderful space saver!! Plus I can watch shows when we don't have WiFi. We will have an internal network so that all of our devices can communicate with one another, but won't necessarily have to be hooked up to the internet/data network. It is going to take almost up to the time we hit the road to get it all done, but I'm diligently making my backups every day. =)

I'm still struggling with the decision of cell phone carriers. We are grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan through Sprint, and that is REALLY a wonderful draw to sticking with them. My daughter is ready for a new phone and she is really wanting to stick with the unlimited data. So I am thinking we'll go ahead and do this. We'll have to get my husband set up on a different network, which I'm pretty sure will be Verizon and we'll couple it with a Millenicom internet connectivity plan.

There is still a lot to do, but I'm getting more and more excited for this next adventure!