Monday, April 20, 2015

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

The process of paring down you sticks & bricks possessions is incredibly daunting! I had hoped to have the house on the market by now. But there is still a lot to finish. My issue right now is one of duality.  Many items in our home need to be sorted. My husband's idea is that it all should be gone. (maybe not ALL, but really close to it) My problem being that I feel overwhelmed being the one that is doing all the sorting, but no one else really seems to be able to accomplish the task either.

What do I really want to do? Pack up Gertrude and move in. If we can't move it in there to live, then it goes. Trying to plan living quarters in one place, while living in another is one of the toughest things I've done to date (when it comes to packing/moving). I'm all on board to downsize and live a more minimalist life. In the past, my little family has lived in 6 different places, two of those being apartments. A new friend on FB that has recently started her RV journey, stated that it is far more difficult to move into an RV from a house and from a house to a house. Man was she right!! When you move into an RV, everything must be deemed useful. There is very little room for decorative items or nick knacks. And then there are papers. What is an important paper? What should be filed? If I'm keeping a printer, what of those papers do I keep?

I've spent so many years working with and helping out the JROTC unit at the high school, that many things I have have been allocated to that purpose. So what will I use? This is the million donation question!! Ugh! I had a medium sized box (like 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft) FILLED with paints...fabric paints, acrylic paints, glitter paint, etc.... I have put all of it into a donation box. This was a bigger step than you realize. I delight in making shirts and decorating things with paint. But this is something I have resigned myself to not need. So do I also ditch the t-shirt transfer papers? Or might I use those in supporting my children's future endeavors? Has the day of the CD or DVD passed us by? I have a whole file filled with CD/DVD adhesive labels...Ugh! How long do you keep Tax records if you've been doing your taxes online for quite some time? Do you keep old bills when many of these same statements can be easily retrieved online, as well?

I believe all of this decision making has started to play fast and loose with my sleeping patterns. More mornings than not, I awaken around 3-4:40 am unable to quiet myself long enough to drift back off to dreamland. Hopefully I am able to get enough work done during the days that these early morning hours can be spent doing a little relaxing. We just got a memory foam mattress for the motorhome, maybe I'll be able to sleep better on there. I am ever hopeful that I will sleep better once moved in, for sure!

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