Sunday, July 13, 2014

Repairs abound


In late May, hubby took Gertrude to Rocklahoma and on the way home, found himself with a blowout on one of the dually tires. Luckily our insurance took care of replacing it with a spare, but that meant we had to purchase a new tire. On the way home from said tire replacement, he has a minor fender bender with a light post that was leaning precariously towards the roadway. This mishap left us with a completely broken awning and a broken passenger side mirror. I'm actually fine with no awning for a while, but the mirror needs replacing asap. I think it can be done for less than $200 pretty easily, and I'm working on getting this done this next week.

This year we took a vacation that has become an every other year tradition for our family. We went to Oklahoma and stayed in a houseboat on Lake Eufaula.  This is actually part of a timeshare we purchased about 12 years ago or so. We get a week on a boat every other year. We had wondered how this would still work once we are full-timing, but there is actually an RV campground just up the hill from the docks. Yay! The one we stayed in this year is a 52' houseboat that sleeps 8 (2 bedrooms with full-size beds, 2 twin bunk beds, and a sleeper sofa). It feels like a trailer on pontoons and we love it! We took my parents, our daughter, and 3 of my daughter's friends. We went for the 4th of July week (June 29-July 6) and had a great time the whole week, and luckily no mishaps or repairs needed while we were on the boat.

After we get another tire for Gertrude, so we have 2 new tires on the front, and we get the mirror sitch taken care of...we are hoping to take her out again this month. I'm thinking of trying out Lake Grapevine this time around, so we get a feel for some different places. 

My son comes home for a couple weeks in early August and I can't wait for him to meet Gertrude and us to take her out next month with him. Yay!!

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